Kit the caddy is still hungry – remember to use your food waste bin!

Image of Kit the caddy

In the first week of the food waste collection trial in five areas of Slough, Kit the caddy – the fun character who loves the taste of food waste – munched more than 5.5 tonnes of the borough’s food.

Around a quarter of households who are part of the trial – in parts of Britwell, Chalvey, Langley, most of Colnbrook and the Diamond Road estate – presented their Kit the caddy for collection in the first week of the new scheme.

But now the scheme has begun its second week, the council are hoping more residents in the trial areas will take part.

Councillor Gurcharan S Manku, lead member for environmental services, said: “In the first week, thanks to the efforts of residents in the trial areas, we diverted 5.5 tonnes of food waste from the grey bins and into the caddies where it can be taken to be broken down and used for energy and fertiliser.

“But Kit is still hungry and loves the taste of your food waste so much that he wants more! More vegetable peelings, more leftovers, more bones, more fruit skins, more tea bags, more of any type of food waste!

“So, if you are in a trial area and have received an indoor and outdoor caddy, please fill them up with all your food waste and put the large one out on your normal bin day for collection.”

Food waste being placed in the caddies can be put in plastic bags – such as small bin liners, shopping bags or even bread bags – and doesn’t not need to be placed in loose. Compostable bags do not have to be used.

The food waste collection trial began on Monday 1 July with food waste being collected weekly from five areas in the borough.

The council has teamed up with Grundon and Seven Trent Green Power to provide the trial.

More information including a list of the roads in the trial areas can be found at

Published: 9 July 2024