Where has this lab been?

stray dog

Can you help the council find out where this sad looking and poorly chocolate Labrador has been living?

The female was found wandering aimlessly around the streets by a concerned member of the public who called the council’s dog warden for collection.

The stray was taken to the vets for a check up and was found to have been living in dirty and unsuitable conditions which have left her with deformed feet, a severe skin irritation and sores. 

There were also signs of multiple pregnancies.

She is still being cared for by the vet as her condition is not currently suitable to be transferred to a foster home.

Ian Blake, resilience and enforcement team leader, said the dog was found around 5pm on Common Road, Langley, last Wednesday, 7 April.

He said: “The dog is microchipped but unfortunately the details were very out of date and no current owner could be traced. 

“She is still undergoing medical treatment and is too unwell to be put into any foster care.

“In an effort to try and understand what happened to this dog and how she ended up where she did, we are appealing for information to be provided to us in confidence.”

If anyone has any information about where this dog has been or who the most current owners were, please contact Ian Blake, of the resilience and enforcement team, on 07917 092909 or by emailing ian.blake@slough.gov.uk. 

Any information will be treated in the strictest confidence.

When the dog is well enough the council will work with a rehoming organisation which will assess potential new owners and their homes and make sure she gets a happy future. 

Published: 14 April 2021