How to challenge a parking fine

Challenge or Representation online form for a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN).

Challenging a PCN

If you believe a PCN has been issued incorrectly you can challenge it in writing within 28 days of its issue. Details of how to challenge the PCN can be found on the reverse of the notice.

If your challenge is sent within 14 days of the PCN issue date, the 50% discount amount will remain while we consider your challenge. If your challenge is unsuccessful and the council upholds the PCN, you will be given the opportunity to pay the discounted rate as long as it is received within 14 days of the date of our letter of reply.

If your challenge is sent between 15 and 28 days after the PCN issue date the full penalty charge will apply.

If you have received a Penalty Charge Notice in the post (for a Bus Lane, Camera Car or Vehicle Drive Away PCN) this is classed as a Notice to Owner and you must follow the representation process advised below. The discounted amount is offered at this point, payment instructions are given on the notice.

Video footage

If you have been issued a PCN by an approved device (bus lane or camera car) you can check the footage online - you must enter your vehicle registration number and the PCN number then click search and follow the instructions.

Notice to Owner

A Notice to Owner (NTO) will be sent to the registered keeper of the vehicle after 28 days of the PCN being served if no payment is received and a challenge is not made or has been rejected and no further action has been taken.
The full charge will apply at this stage.

You have the option to either make full payment or if you would like to dispute the PCN, you would need to submit a formal representation. Details on how to make payment or representation can be found on the Notice to Owner. You will be informed of the outcome of your representation in writing within 56 days from the date the council receives your representation.

Receiving a Notice of Rejection

If your representation is unsuccessful, you will receive a Notice of Rejection. You will then have the option to either make payment or appeal to the Traffic Penalty Tribunal. Details of how to make payment or submit an appeal to the Traffic Penalty Tribunal can be found on the Notice of Rejection letter.

If your appeal is successful, the PCN will be cancelled. However if it is unsuccessful the Traffic Penalty Tribunal will dismiss the appeal and inform you in writing of how much is outstanding to pay. Failure to make payment on time will result in a Charge Certificate being issued.

Charge Certificate

Once a Charge Certificate has been issued, the charge will increase by a further 50%. This must be paid within 14 days. You have no further right of appeal at this stage.

If no payment is made at this stage, the debt will be registered with the Traffic Enforcement Centre, an additional fee of £8 will be added and an Order for Recovery will be issued.

Order for Recovery

Upon receiving an Order for Recovery you have the option to either file a witness statement or make payment. If no action is taken, the case will then be passed onto our bailiffs.