Nuisance parking

The Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005 introduced legislation to allow Councils to deal with people who advertise vehicles for sale or repair vehicles on a road. These are referred to as nuisance parking offences.

Some garages and businesses place cars for sale, for an extended period, on the street and in lay-bys. This can cause a significant nuisance to local residents and takes up valuable car parking spaces.

It is an offence for a business to leave two or more vehicles advertised for sale within 500 metres of each other on a road.

If a proprietor of a business advertises cars for sale on the road they can be prosecuted by the council. On conviction they can be fined up to £2,500. The council may deal with the matter by issuing a £100 fixed penalty notice (£60 for early payment).

This offence targets people who run a business and use the road to store and advertise their vehicles. It is not intended to target occasional individual private sellers of single vehicles.

If you need to report this offence taking place please complete the general enquiry form.