Disability and travelling by taxi

Travelling with an assistance dog

  • A driver can’t refuse your journey because you have an assistance dog.
  • A driver can’t charge you more because you have an assistance dog.
  • A private hire minicab company can’t refuse to accept your booking because you have an assistance dog.
  • Your dog should always be able to sit next to you during your journey.
  • When you are booking a journey, tell the person taking the booking that you have an assistance dog.

Drivers or companies refusing assistance dogs

Any taxi or private hire vehicle (minicab) driver, or company who refuses a fare, or charges an additional fee because a passenger has an assistance dog faces prosecution by Slough Borough Council and the possible loss of their licence.

If you have an assistance dog and are refused a journey or charged more, you can report this to the licensing team. All complaints will be fully investigated.

A small number of taxi and private hire (minicab) drivers have an exemption from allowing assistance dogs in their vehicle. This is only granted on medical grounds and not for any other reason. Drivers granted an exemption must carry or display an exemption certificate in their taxi or minicab.

Booking a taxi

You can hail a taxi on the street or at designated taxi ranks. You can also book a taxi by phone, online or by using an app.

Booking a private hire vehicle (minicab)

When using a private hire vehicle (minicab) you must make sure it is booked with a licenced private hire company. You can book a vehicle at a booking office, by phone, online or by using an app. Unbooked vehicles are illegal and could be unsafe.

To check a private hire vehicle is the one you have booked make sure you

  • ask the driver to confirm your name and destination
  • ask the driver to confirm their licence number
  • where possible, ask the driver to show you their driver’s identification badge which has their photo and name on.

Contact Licensing

Contact the licensing team