Report faulty street lighting furniture

Tell us if any of our street lighting furniture needs maintenance or repair. You can report faults quickly and easily online.

Emergency faults

It's an emergency if the street lighting furniture has:

  • exposed electrical wires
  • 4 or more adjacent lights not working or the whole street is out
  • damaged / leaning street lighting column
  • damaged lit signs
  • a flashing beacon at zebra crossings (Belisha beacons) that's not working.

Important information: if what you want to report is an immediate danger to life, please also inform Thames Valley Police or the appropriate emergency services.

Non-emergency faults

For all other problems, it's quicker and easier to use our Report a highways issue form.

When will repairs be completed

We aim to repair routine faults (such as replacing lamps) within 28 days. Other faults are likely to take longer, depending on the repair(s) required and the availability of specialist staff or equipment.

Priority is given to emergency faults such as exposed wires and are normally made safe within 2 hours.

Current street lighting electricity supply faults

If we are unable to fix a unit, it may be due to a loss of the underground electrical supply, which in Slough is owned by SSE. We would log these supply failures to the SSE who then gives us a unique repair number.

Report faulty street lighting furniture

Report faulty street lighting furniture