Road safety

Please remember:

"Drive safe. Walk safe. Cycle safe."

Speed limits

We often get enquiries about the speed limits around the borough. Our advice is as follows: When you are driving, if you are unsure what the speed limit is, assume it is a thirty mile per hour limit. A new speed limit is marked by two large speed limit signs on both sides of the road. Once you pass through these signs, a road with a 30mph limit will have no further signs to tell you the limit is 30mph. On roads with a higher, or lower, limit there will be repeater signs on the lamp posts. So, remember, if there are no signs assume the limit is 30mph.

Traffic calming

If you are concerned about speeding issues where you live, you can email or contact us on 01753 787541. We will look into the matter and if we find there is a speeding problem we'll consider ways to reduce it.

If we decide engineering works are required to solve the speeding problem, these will be implemented, subject to consultation with affected residents and the availability of funds.


As a road safety team we are often asked what certain acronyms mean in respect of road safety. Some of the more common ones we use are as follows:

  • RTA - Road Traffic Accident
  • RTC - Road Traffic Collision
    Traditionally road safety officers tend to use the word “collision” as opposed to “accident”.
  • KSI - Killed or Seriously Injured
    This is often used in collision data reports and refers to victims of collisions. If the injuries are not serious they are referred to as "slights". If there are no injuries they are referred to as "damage only collisions".
  • SDSA - Safe Drive Stay Alive
    These are annual events held for young people of 6th form age across the Thames Valley. They are multi agency events including the Police, Fire and Ambulance services including the local authority road safety officers. More about these events can be found within the pages of our guide by going to the above link.