Road closures and traffic notices

Volker Smart Technologies on behalf of City Fibre will be installing telecoms fibre networks on Bath Road.

Planned dates and timings

  • 15 - 18 February between 7pm and 5am, junctions of:
    • Ipswich Road and Bath Road
    • Dover Road and Bath Road
    • Stowe Road and Bath Road
    • St Andrews Way and Bath Road.
  • 21 - 25 February between 7pm and 5am, junctions of:
    • Burnham Lane and Bath Road
    • Retail Park and Station Road Burnham and Bath Road.

You can find information about roadworks in Slough, as well as the option of receiving e-mail alerts, on the national roadworks website.

Traffic notices are published on our Public Notices page. Major works are listed below.