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Memorial trees and benches

Commemorative seats and memorial trees have become a very popular way of remembering loved ones or commemorating a special event, which can also be appreciated by others.


There is the option to buy a refurbished seat or a new seat, with a dedication on a plaque.

  • The type of seat should be in keeping with, and will be determined by, the desired area and location.
  • The seat and plaque material and design are to match existing where applicable.
  • Where no other seats and or plaques exist, the council will stipulate the specification for the seat and or plaque.


Seats and benches cost £550 for a refurbished seat, or £1,250 for a new seat and base.


A tree can also be planted in memory of someone special, an important occasion or just because you want to make Slough greener. The council’s parks team can help you choose a tree and a suitable location to ensure your tree has the best chance of growing.

  • We don’t permit plaques on trees planted in parks for safety and maintenance reasons but if you do want a tree with a plaque this may be arranged at Slough Cemetery and Crematorium.
  • The type of tree should be in keeping with, and will be determined by, the desired area and location. Each application is considered individually.
  • Plaques are not permitted on trees. Slough Cemetery and Crematorium may be able to provide plaques for trees planted within their grounds.
  • Trees are planted between November and February.

What happens on planting day?

On the day, an experienced member of the parks team will help you with the planting, usually preparing the hole prior to your arrival. The ranger will give you advice about the tree, after which you and your family are welcome to plant the tree in the hole prepared. Once planting is complete, you will be given a map showing you the location of the tree and detailing the date and species of tree planted.


Charges for commemorative tree are £150 for a 12/14cm girth, or £250 for a 16/18cm girth which reflect the direct costs of the tree and its delivery. You will not be charged for the planting of the tree.


Application forms with prices for commemorative trees and benches can be found below.
For further enquiries, please contact My Council on 01753 475111 or email

  • Commemorative seat application form
  • Commemorative tree application form

Maintenance, repair and replacement

Reasonable effort will be taken by the council to maintain any commemorative seat, tree and or plaque in a good condition. The council will not, however, be liable for replacing any plaque which is damaged, stolen or becomes unfit to fulfil its purpose by whatever reason or means.

The council reserves the right to move to a new location or remove completely any seat, tree and or plaque if it is deemed to be in the council's best interest. Notification of such action will be made to the applicant at the last known address. 

Throughout the existence, trees and seats will remain in the ownership of Slough Borough Council.