Play areas

Playgrounds and play areas

We manage 76 outdoor play areas located at various parks, recreation grounds and green spaces across the borough, as well as a number of other outdoor recreational activities  such as tennis courts, skateparks and multi use games areas. 

Play areas are amongst the most important environments for young people outside the home. 

Your nearest park with a play area, or your local recreation ground or green space play area will provide you with free recreation and and plenty of enjoyment for everyone.

Play equipment

Play helps to develop social skills, confidence, physical coordination, strength, and flexibility, which become lifelong skill-sets that are carried forward into adulthood.

Our play areas are designed with various play equipment apparatus, which provide spontaneous, enjoyable, challenging, stimulating and educational play for all ages, whilst meeting current safety requirements.


All sites are regularly inspected to ensure that the play areas are safe, the equipment is functioning properly and the area is clean and cleared of debris and any harmful objects. Further detailed information about children’s play areas and safety issues can be found on the RoSPA website .

Report a problem

If you want to report a problem in a play area or you find a fault with any of the play equipment you can use our online play area report a problem form .