Volunteer at a park

Parks Volunteer Scheme

Volunteering in your local park or green space can be a very rewarding experience. You can learn new skills, meet new people and get a great sense of achievement knowing that your involvement has made a noticeable improvement to the borough's parks, green spaces, the environment and the community. 


There are a number of active volunteers in Slough who work either in groups or as individuals with activities and tasks, suitable for all level of abilities, carrying out work as varied as:

  • planting and maintaining flower beds
  • seeding
  • pruning
  • weeding
  • maintaining ponds
  • running a variety of walks, events, fun activities and much more.

Many of the skills learnt whilst volunteering can be transferred to other voluntry work and can be useful when seeking employment.

How to join

If you have some spare time or interested in looking after our parks and gardens, we are currently seeking volunteers at Herschel Park.

  • Make new friends
  • Keep fit
  • Help out in your local community
  • Assist with making improvements to the park
  • Join in activities and tasks, suitable for all level of abilities, including planting, seeding, pruning, weeding and much more.
  • Help out with the running of a variety of walks, events and fun activities

Work parties take place every Tuesday from 10am to 3pm, a minimum of one Saturday a month and other times as required.

For more details email parks@slough.gov.uk or contact Ian Judd, Senior Parks Improvement Officer on 07749708534.