Independent financial advice

Under the Care Act duties the council becomes responsible for providing residents with independent financial information and advice, which is fundamental to enabling people to make well informed choices about how they pay for their care and support.

Slough Borough Council now facilitates access to financial information and advice which is impartial and independent of a local authority. This should be generic free and fee-based advice as well as services providing regulated forms of financial advice.

Why might you need independent financial advice?

If you have savings or assets above those that permit the council to support you with your care and support costs, an independent adviser can help you maximise the choices you are able to make.

An independent adviser will provide impartial and unbiased information during an initial consultation. The consultation will be provided free of charge allowing you to start to explore possible avenues, but should you wish to engage the independent adviser on a more permanent basis, there are a range of costed options that shall be outlined to you.

The Independent Advisor will have expertise on planning your care financing and can help you plan not just for now, but also into the future. Planning ahead can help avoid problems, such as having to move in to a care home for the first time or how to maximize use of your current savings and assets.