Minerals and waste

Slough Borough Council is responsible for all planning matters relating to minerals and waste. This includes policies surrounding minerals and waste, planning applications relating to minerals and waste, and enforcement of these applications.

This work was previously done by the Joint Strategic Planning Unit for Berkshire. This unit has now ceased to exist, but several of the key documents relating to minerals and waste were created under this name.

Key documents, including Local Aggregate Assessments and Local Plans can be downloaded below.

If you have any questions about minerals and waste, please contact us for advice.


The National Planning Policy Framework does not contain specific waste policies but requires that local authorities taking decisions on waste applications should have regard to policies in the National Planning Policy Framework if they are relevant. ‘Saved’ Policies from the Waste Local Plan for Berkshire 1998 (JWLP) will therefore continue to be applied.


The NPPF notes that minerals can only be worked where they are found. The Minerals Plan identifies two “Preferred Areas” for mineral extraction. It is considered that the ‘saved’ policies in the Minerals Local Plan continue to provide the necessary development control policies.

Key Documents

Contact the planning policy team

Contact the planning policy team