Reporting a breach in planning

How to report a possible planning enforcement case

Effective enforcement is vital to make sure the character and amenity of the borough are protected. All reports of possible breaches of planning are taken seriously and investigated as quickly and as thoroughly as possible.

The enforcement team will try to undertake an initial investigation within 10 working days (subject to the availability of officers) and then allocate the case a priority level for investigation if required.

More serious breaches will be investigated immediately. Examples of serious breaches include unauthorised works to a listed building and the felling of protected trees.

To register and investigate a case or complaint we need the following:

  • the address or site location
  • as much information as you have about the issue you want to report
  • a contact name, postal address and daytime telephone number - please note we cannot investigate anonymous reports.

Your personal details will not be reported to the person or organisation involved in the alleged breach. We do not grant public access to our investigation files, so anything you send to us is always confidential. However in the rare case that formal action, such as the serving of an enforcement notice or subsequent appeal, or court action is taken and you are asked to give evidence it may not be possible to keep the details of your complaint confidential. We would notify you if this is the case.

To report a breach of planning, please use the online form.