Private tenants

How the council helps private tenants

Contacting us about disrepair in your home

In the first instance you should always contact your landlord. You may want to do this by phone if it’s an urgent problem, e.g. if your heating system breaks down in the middle of winter or you have no hot water.

You should follow this up with a letter to your landlord, at the address shown on the tenancy agreement (you can get free proof of postage from the post office or send by recorded delivery) or by email. This will ensure that you are able to show when it was sent.

If you don’t get a response to your written correspondence then contact your landlord again. At this stage, we advise that you advise your landlord that you will be contacting the Slough Housing Regulation team. Following your request to carry out repairs, you must allow your landlord, their agents and contractors a reasonable period of time to complete the repairs.

If you don’t receive any response from your landlord then you can contact the Housing Regulation Team, using the online service request form.

The Shelter website has advice on how to report repairs to a private landlord.