Oral health

Top tips for terrific teeth

For our smallest residents:

  • children aged 0-3 years should use a smear of toothpaste
  • children aged 3-6 years should use a pea-sized amount of toothpaste
  • support your child to brush until they are at least seven years old. Be a good role model - show your child that you brush your teeth.

For everyone:

  • brush teeth twice a day for two minutes, using the right fluoride toothpaste
  • use an app, sing or play the Slough Oral Health video to make the two minutes fly by!
  • brush last thing at night just before bed and at one other time of the day
  • brush all surfaces of your teeth
  • spit out the toothpaste and avoid rinsing with water so some fluoride from the paste is left on your child’s teeth, to make them stronger
  • visit a dentist regularly (every six months, or as often as recommended by your dentist). To find a local dentist call 0300 311 22 33 or visit the NHS website
  • use a new toothbrush every three months, ideally with medium bristles and a small head. 

Chose food wisely:

  • cut down on how often your child has sugary foods and fizzy drinks
  • choose snacks and drinks which are kinder to teeth such as: cheese, crackers or breadsticks, fresh fruit and vegetables, water, or milk.

More information:

The Oral Health Foundation has more information and resources for dental treatment during COVID-19 on their website

Healthy Smiles has put together a great toothbrushing demonstration for kids on YouTube.

For more information visit the Public Health Slough website.