Primary school places


Please note the following, when you complete an application for reception or infant to junior transfer:

  • you may list up to 3 school preferences
  • you should rank your preferences in the order that you would like the schools to be offered
  • if you are unsure which schools to apply for, research the available choices e.g. visit local schools, talk to fellow parents, review Ofsted reports or review school league tables
  • you should complete the application form fully and honestly
  • you should review the admissions policy for the schools you plan to express a preference for. If that school requires additional information submitted to them e.g. a supplementary information form or denominational certificate, you should do so as soon as possible
  • you should not list the same school more than once – this does not increase the likelihood of you being offered the school you want
  • if you know you are moving house, you must update your application as soon as possible and supply us with proof of your change of address
  • you must submit your application before the publicised closing date. If you submit after this date, your application will be treated as late. Allocation of school places to late applicants will be completed after those that were received on time
  • once your application has been processed, you will receive an offer. If it is possible to offer your child a place at more than one of the schools you have listed, you will only receive an offer for your highest ranked preference
  • if we cannot offer you a place at any of your preferred schools, you will be offered a place at the nearest available school with a vacancy.