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In year admissions

Pupils usually start school at the start of the school year in September.  Sometimes you may wish to change your child's school during the school year.  This could be because:

  • you move house, either within or into Slough
  • you want to change your child's school for personal reasons

If this is the case then you must complete an in year application form via our Citizen Portal.

If you want to apply for a place outside of Slough, you should contact the local authority for that area.  Please note, there are two exceptions to this rule.  Secondary school in year applications for Churchmead School (Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead) and Burnham Park E-ACT Academy (Buckinghamshire) will be considered by Slough Borough Council.

What happens after I apply?

Your application will be processed and you should receive an update from our Admissions team within 20 school days of receipt.

If a place can be offered, the Admissions team will contact you and will also pass your child's details to the relevant school.

If the school you request doesn't have any places, your child will be placed on a waiting list and advice will be given as to where alternative places exist.  You also have the right to appeal.

Things to consider 

Parents/carers should remember that changing their child's school part way through the year is a significant undertaking.  In certain situations, the change of school is unavoidable e.g. moving house.  However, if you are not moving house but still want to change your child's school, you should:

  • discuss the reason you wish to change schools with your child's current school
  • understand that in year school places are not always available
  • consider the potential impact on your child in terms of leaving their friends and a familiar environment
  • consider how your child will cope with learning a new routine
  • consider whether a new school is able to offer your child the courses / exams they wish to take (particularly at secondary school level e.g. GCSEs and A-Levels)

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