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Raising the Participation Age (RPA)

What else do I need to know? (Parents/Carers)

The legal requirement to participate - to continue in some form of learning - will be on your son or daughter. The Government want young people to take responsibility for the decisions that affect their own future.

What happens if my child doesn’t participate?

Leaving education early with few or no qualifications can severely limit a young person’s choices later in life. There is a wealth of evidence which shows how staying in education longer can benefit your child. Not only are they more likely to get a job and earn more over their lifetime, they are less likely to suffer from a range of health and social problems as well.

Slough Borough Council Young People’s Service is responsible for checking that young people are participating, and if not, they are offered support to help access a suitable learning or training opportunity. This support is also available to young people who are working or volunteering but not in learning. Support is provided by professional advice and guidance workers to help find the right pathway.

You may be contacted by Slough Borough Council to find out where your son/daughter is participating in education, training or employment with training. This helps us to ensure that young people receive the support they are entitled to, helping them progress into appropriate learning or training.

Is financial support available for my child?

The Government has committed to fully-funding education and training places for all 16-19 year olds, and there is also financial help available for young people who are struggling with additional costs. The 16-19 Bursary Fund can provide up to £1,200 a year to young people. Under the scheme, schools, colleges and training providers can offer bursaries to young people who are finding it difficult to pay costs like transport, meals or books and equipment.