Children missing education

Children at particular risk of missing education

There are certain vulnerable groups who are more likely than others to become children missing education. They are:

  • children living in domestic abuse refuges
  • children of homeless families perhaps living in temporary accommodation
  • children with long-term medical or emotional problems
  • looked after children
  • children with a Gypsy/Roma/Traveller background
  • children from transient families
  • children who are permanently excluded from school
  • migrant children whether in families seeking asylum or economic migrants
  • children moving out of independent schools/academies/free schools
  • children whose parent(s) are in the Armed Forces
  • young people who have committed offences
  • young runaways
  • young carers
  • teenage mothers.

The council is committed to supporting children missing education by ensuring:

  • all pupils who may be missing from Slough schools, including independent schools, academies and free schools, are located without delay
  • support is given to other Local Authorities to locate missing children who may have moved into Slough
  • make use of the DfE’s central School2School (s2s) database
  • joint reasonable enquiries are made with schools and designated Local Authority staff to locate children who are missing from school as soon as possible
  • all children living in Slough  are in receipt of a suitable education in accordance with their age, ability, aptitude and any special educational needs they may have
  • all children living in Slough are safeguarded and their welfare promoted.