Volunteering as a school governor

There are more than 50 schools in Slough and they all need committed volunteers to be school governors.

Becoming a school governor involves:

  • being interested in getting the best education for the pupils at the school.  Governors can become involved in a range of school matters which can include recruitment, finance and curriculum
  • providing a strong link between the school and the local community, and an independent view to support the school on long term development and improvement
  • a time commitment - school governing boards meet on at least a termly basis and governors are also expected to get to know their schools through visits.

In return you will:

  • improve your work skills
  • receive valuable training - there are a wide range of training opportunities available to help governors undertake their duties and develop their understanding of the key areas of school management
  • gain experience of managing an organisation
  • get practice in raising questions, discussing issues and decision making.