Awards categories and judging panel

Award categories

Young people who live in Slough and are aged:

  • 11-19 or
  • up to 25 years old with learning difficulties or disabilities, or is a care leaver

can be nominated for an award.

If you are nominating a group of young people, for example a project group, sports team or band, the group must meet the above age and residency criteria to qualify.

Young people and/or groups can be nominated for an award in the following categories:

Young Artist Award - for a young person or group of young people that have excelled in the arts or enriched the cultural life of Slough. The nominee might be a writer, poet, musician or band, film maker, visual artist or performer or participate in any other art form. They may have set up or run a local arts group, organised an event in the town, or encouraged other young people to participate in arts activity.

Young Environmentalist Award - for a young person or group of young people that have started an eco-friendly project, supported a project, or made a significant contribution to the environment in their local area. Examples could include helping animals, planting trees, encouraging others to be ‘eco-friendly’ or community clean-ups.

Young Inspiration Award - for a young person who is a source of inspiration and pride. This could be a positive role model, a young person who has overcome a challenge or not let their situation hold them back in life.

Young Entrepreneur Award - for a young person or group of young people that have invented or created a product or been involved in a successful enterprise or business start up.

Young Sportsperson Award - for a young person or team who has excelled in Sport or promoted a Healthy Lifestyle.

Young Volunteer / Voluntary Group of the Year Award - for a young person that has made a positive contribution to Slough through volunteering. They may have developed in a personal capacity, been keen to learn new skills, or shown particular enthusiasm for their role. Please include details of the amount of time involved, type of work they have been involved with and what makes them exceptional.