Slough's youth offer

Support and advice

  • Support for you to make informed choices about any aspect of your life.
  • Access to early help for concerns and problems you may have including areas such as emotional wellbeing, relationships, sexual health and substance misuse.
  • Personal, social and health education group work to enhance self esteem, confidence, aspiration and achievement to improve life chances.
  • Support for you to lead healthy lifestyles.
  • Support for you if you feel unsafe.

Jobs and learning

  • Support for you to secure employment and/or training, including opportunities such as work experience and volunteering.
  • Your opportunities to gain knowledge, skills and qualifications through good quality schools, FE colleges and a variety of youth support services.

Things to do

  • A range of easy to access positive youth activities for you including sports, music and arts in the community.
  • Your access to safe places and youth projects offering personal and social development opportunities.