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National Bus Strategy / Bus Back Better

Slough Bus Service Improvement Plan survey

Wednesday 1 September 2021

We're developing our Bus Service Improvement Plan over the next few months.

The government published its National Bus Strategy (‘Bus Back Better’) in March 2021. It includes £3bn in funding for buses in England (outside London) over the course of this Parliament.

All Local Transport Authorities in England (outside London) are preparing a Bus Service Improvement Plan, and most (including us) will be introducing an Enhanced Partnership between the council and the local bus operators. This partnership will set out the actions that we and the bus operators will undertake to improve bus services in Slough.

Please give us your views on buses in Slough.

  • If you currently use buses, we want to hear if they meet your needs.
    • Are they reliable?
    • Do they go where you want to go, when you want to go?
    • What would make you use buses more often?
  • If you don’t currently use buses, we still want to hear from you.
    • Why don’t you use buses at the moment?
    • What improvements would make you consider using them?