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Voting by proxy

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Changes to voting by proxy from October 2023

From October 2023 there will be some changes to voting by proxy. When you apply for a proxy vote you will need to provide proof of your identity. This for both online and paper applications.  This will include your:

  • National Insurance number
  • signature
  • date of birth.

There will be a limit to how many people a voter can act as a proxy for. Currently, a person can act as a proxy for an unlimited number of close relatives and two other people. Under the new rules, voters would be limited to acting as a proxy for two people, regardless of their relationship. Anyone voting on behalf of UK voters who live overseas could act as a proxy for up to four people.

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A proxy vote means that you appoint someone to vote on your behalf if you are unable to get to the polling station on Election Day, providing you appear on the electoral register. This may be because you are on holiday or in hospital.

If you want a proxy vote for a set period of time for all future elections, you must have one of the following reasons:

  • you are a registered as a service voter
  • you are registered as an overseas elector
  • you have a physical disability
  • you are away from home due to your job or you are on a course
  • you have to travel by air or sea to get to your polling station.

In all the above cases, except if you are registered blind, someone has to certify on your application that the reason is valid. This could be, for example, your employer or doctor.

If you have problems accessing or completing these forms please contact Electoral Services at or tel: 01753 475111