Discretionary housing payments

How to apply

You, or someone acting on your behalf, can request a DHP either by telephone or in writing.  You will also need to complete the DHP application form. We will not accept electronic copies of this form so it should be printed off, completed and returned to us by post, in person or by email to benefits@slough.gov.uk. If you are unable to access or complete this form please contact us.

Information needed to support a claim for DHP

Rent deposits

  • A letter from your prospective landlord giving the address and amount of deposit required to secure the property.
  • A current gas certificate for the property.
  • Your most recent bank statement.

For all other DHP applications

Please give as much information as you can and where possible provide proof to support your application. For example if it is due to an illness, please provide us with a letter confirming a hospital appointment, or wage slips showing sick pay.

We will need to see evidence of income and outgoings. Please supply as much information as you can as it may help to process your claim more quickly.

We may write to you to request further information to support yout application.


We aim to make the decision within 14 days of receipt of a complete claim being received. We will write to you with a decision within five days of it being made.

This confirmation will include the amount and duration of any award, the reasons for the decision and your right to request a review of the decision.

Reclaiming DHP

Please note that at the end of your award period you will not be sent a new claim form to make a further claim. If you feel that your circumstances have not improved and you need to make a further claim it is your responsibility to make the claim in time, there is limited scope for backdating within the DHP Policy and only for exceptional circumstances.

Contact Benefits

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