Discretionary housing payments

What information is taken into account?

When making a decision we will take into account your individual circumstances, including your needs, the needs of your family and local rental market conditions. It is not the purpose of the DHP scheme to support artificially high levels of rent.

You will need to show that you are suffering from financial hardship as a direct result of your housing costs.

  • We may need to know if you have asked for a rent reduction from your landlord.
  • We may need to know if you are looking for a property at a lower cost and why it would be difficult to find suitable cheaper alternative accommodation.
  • Before we award a DHP we must be satisfied that there are no other means of making up the shortfall.
  • We will ask about income and outgoings and what efforts have been made to reduce outgoings in order to pay the shortfall of rent or what actions have been taken to maximise income. This could include looking for work, considering increased hours etc
  • You will be expected to support any statements you make with the appropriate evidence.
  • We may not necessarily award the full rental amount and any payment would be for a limited period, but could be reapplied for at the end of that period.
  • DHPs cannot be given if you are already in receipt of the maximum benefit Housing Benefit, but can be considered for it if you are receiving maximum Housing costs under Universal Credit.
  • Each case must be decided on its own special circumstances.