Help with budgeting

Small changes to how you spend your money can make a real difference. Plan carefully so that you don’t spend more than your income. This will enable you to manage your finances.

Start by looking at your current income and expenses. When this is done carefully many people are surprised at how much they spend on some things. If you know about your spending habits, you are in a better position to help yourself.

You can also use a budgeting planner by the Money Helper to manage your money and identify where you should spend and where you should cut back. When completing this planner, don't forget to include everything you spend money on, such as:

  • spending for things like Christmas, birthdays and
  • anything you put away too save.
  • repayments for any debts you have including credit cards, store loans and arrears payments for things like rent and Council Tax.

It is helpful to have a recent bank statement or an online banking app with you when you complete the budget planner.