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Keeping you safe in and around buildings

Slough Borough Council provides a building regulations consultancy service through Slough Building Control. Slough Building Control has a team of highly experienced surveyors, engineers and support staff who can consult on building projects of all sizes and complexities. The staff at Slough Building Control pride themselves on providing a skilled and efficient Building Regulations Consultancy service.

Building regulations are legal requirements which are laid down by Parliament. The main purpose of these regulations is to ensure the health and safety of people in or around buildings.

You need to apply for building regulations approval for most building work. New structures will generally need building regulations approval, but changes to an existing building, such as removing a wall or a chimney, will also probably need approval.

Complying with building regulations and obtaining planning permission are separate matters, so if you already have planning permission, you also need to check whether you need building regulations approval.
To help you decide if you need a Building Regulation Application and a Planning Application, please visit the interactive Planning Portal visual guide.

If you are planning work near the boundary of your land, to a wall you share with a neighbour, or close to a party wall, you may have additional legal requirements under the Party Wall Act 1996. The Party Wall Act explanatory booklet provides more information on your responsibilities.

You may also want to visit the FrontDoor website, published by Local Authority Building Control (LABC) for more useful information on what you should consider before starting your project. You can visit the FrontDoor website here.

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