Developer's guide and the Community Infrastructure Levy

The Developer's Guide aims to assist developers who are proposing to submit planning applications for residential and commercial schemes in Slough. They are available to download below.

They set out the council's requirements and processes, including what to expect from the planning service at various stages. The guides apply to all major applications and to most developments of one dwelling or more, other new buildings, or changes of use.

Part 1 covers submission of applications. The other parts offer advice but importantly also implement Local Plan and Core Strategy policies. Updates are also provided to the figures for Affordable Housing and Education contributions (in Part 2), Refuse and Recycling Storage for New Dwellings (in Part 4 Section 8) and to flood risk and surface water drainage guidance (in Part 4 Section 6).

The drainage guidance, introduced in January 2016, incorporates new requirements for information on sustainable drainage systems. This information may be needed at the planning application stage. The Planning Service welcome any comments on this revised guidance.

Community Infrastrucuture Levy (CIL)

At present the council is not implementing CIL, nor have plans to do so (as at June 2016). Any update to this position will be provided here.