Strengthening Families

How it works

The Strengthening Families process is as follows: 

  • a family is in need of help and make a request for help
  • their case is triaged and sent to the team who can best help
  • a key worker is assigned to work with the family
  • the key worker conducts a 'whole-family' assessment
  • the key worker organises a meeting with services who can help to review the needs of the family and formulate an action plan.

The key worker and services could help to do any of the following:

  • get your children attending school regularly
  • access free childcare or nursery places
  • set good routines and boundaries for your children
  • deal with difficult behaviour
  • get training and CV help so you’re ready to find a job
  • resolve housing issues relating to arrears and debt management
  • get you and your children involved in healthy, positive activities
  • have good family relationships
  • overcome issues around substance misuse
  • be free from domestic abuse and violence.

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