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Disposing of commercial waste

The council is not responsible for the disposal of commercial waste. You can:

All businesses have a duty to arrange their own commercial waste disposal and recycling.

You can choose your nearest registered waste carrier or you can take your own rubbish to your nearest licensed disposal site, but you cannot use household waste recycling centres (HWRC) or public civic amenity sites for free tipping.

Please note: landfill sites do not accept waste which has not been subject to some form of treatment to reduce its volume or impact on the environment. For more details on how to manage your commercial waste go to the Environment Agency website.

Clinical waste

Businesses will need to make their own arrangements for clinical waste.

Your responsibilities

All businesses produce waste. Your company has a legal responsibility to make sure you produce, store, transport and dispose of your business waste without causing harm to human health or the environment. This is called your Duty of Care (DoC). The applicable legislation is the Environmental Protection Act (Duty of Care) Regulations 1991.

  • You must store your waste securely so it does not escape - tie up bags, flatten boxes, close bin lids.
  • You must sign a Trade Refuse Agreement with your carrier who is legally authorised to carry waste and pay the charges.
  • You must complete the waste transfer note and provide a written description of the waste. Normally, your carrier will produce this for you as part of your agreement.
  • Keep a copy of all documentation for two years. You can be prosecuted if you cannot produce full records for the last two years.