Money to move

Over time, some people find that their home has become too big for them. You may feel a smaller home would be easier for you to look after and cheaper to heat.  

If you want to downsize to new, smaller home, we will pay you £2,000 per bedroom released. This is called a tenants incentive payment.

To get a tenants incentive payment, you must:

  • have a secure council tenancy
  • live in a family-sized home
  • not be overcrowded in your new home
  • not have rent arrears. You may be eligible if your rent arrears can be fully paid off by the incentive payment. Contact your neighbourhood officer to discuss this
  • have kept your current home in a good condition. This includes decoration, repair and garden maintenance
  • agree to provide vacant possession of your current property.

You are not eligible for the payment if you:

  • are not a secure tenant
  • are subject to a possession order
  • have previously received a tenants incentive payment
  • have rent arrears more than the incentive payment
  • have rechargeable repairs which will cost more than the incentive payment
  • have not kept their home in a good condition
  • have succeeded a tenancy under Ground 16, Schedule 2 of Housing Act 1985 and are downsizing to a smaller property.

If your circumstances change after you have moved, the council’s housing allocations scheme rules apply. You will not be able to re-apply.

We reserve the right to refuse your request. Our response will be subject to demand and availability of funding.

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