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Mutual exchange

Next steps

Once you have found someone to swap your home with, please follow the steps below:

Step 1

Arrange to visit each other’s homes. 

This is very important because when you exchange you are agreeing to take the property in its present condition. This may mean taking on responsibility for alterations that the existing tenant has made.

Once you submit your exchange request, we will assume that you have already viewed each other’s properties and that you want to exchange with each other.

Step 2

When you have made the decision to swap home, you will then have to complete the mutual exchange application form (PDF). 

If you have issues accessing or completing this form, please contact Housing Services on 01753 475111, option 3.

Step 3

You need written approval before you can exchange. Your application will be processed by the new tenancy and exchange officers. The landlord has 42 days to decide whether the exchange can go ahead or not.

After initial checks have been completed, and your application is accepted, you will receive a letter stating that consent has been given in principle.

If your application is refused you will receive a letter outlining the reasons why. Your exchange can be refused for specific reasons such as:

  • the property is larger than you need
  • you are already under a court order to give up possession of the property. This means proceedings for possession have begun or we have served a notice of seeking possession
  • the accommodation offered does not meet the needs of you and your family.

You must never make or accept any payment for an exchange with another tenant.

Step 4

When you exchange your home, you are accepting the property in the general standard of repair and decoration that you see it in. If the tenant you swap with has made any alterations to the property, like replacing the bath with a shower, we will not change the items back for you.

Your housing officer can give you more information.