Severe weather

Heatwave and drought


In a severe heatwave the body can overheat and dehydrate, leading to heat exhaustion or heat stroke. Symptoms include: headaches, nausea and intense thirst, sleepiness, hot red and dry skin, a sudden rise in temperature, confusion, aggression, convulsions and loss of consciousness.

If there are very high temperatures we recommend that you:

  • stay out of the sun
  • keep your home as cool as possible – shading windows and shutting them during the day may help
  • open them when it is cooler at night
  • keep drinking fluids
  • contact anyone you know who might be at special risk, for example an older person living on their own. Make sure they know what to do.

If you are worried about what to do, either for yourself or for someone you know who you think might be at risk, go to the NHS advice on what to do in a heatwave or call them on 111.

For more information check:


The Environment Agency is responsible for monitoring, reporting and acting to reduce the impact of drought on the environment and has plans for England and Wales.

Saving water

The Thames Water website has information and advice on saving water.