Top tips for cycling in winter

Being seen – don’t blend into the background

As the days become shorter, the reduced sunlight can make it harder for motorists and pedestrians to see you. Throw in the potential for rain, fog, and even sleet and snow, and it could spell disaster for anyone not properly lit up.

Top tips

  • Lights are not only a must, but also a legal requirement between sunset and sunrise. A front and rear light is fine, but you could also consider adding some to your helmet, bag and wheels. It’s good to make sure the lights have a long battery life as well, so they’re bright enough for people to see you.
  • Reflectors will additionally help you be seen, and are also a legal requirement between sunset and sunrise. They can be added to the front and rear of your bike, as well as your pedals.
  • Investing in hi-vis gear, such as reflective clothing, bags and slap bands are another effective way to make sure you stand out in the dark.