Top tips for cycling in winter

Be prepared - riding for the conditions

The weather plays a big role in determining how fast you can and should ride. So, ensuring you alter your pace accordingly, especially when the road gets twisty or hilly, or there’s anything left over from heavy rainfall, like mud, silt and gravel, is very important.

Top tips

  • Adapting your style and route may mean taking a safer route, braking a bit more in advance, reducing your speed and generally cycling with a bit more caution so you’re adjusted to the unpredictable nature of the winter weather. You should also check the weather before heading out.
  • Giving someone a head’s up on your plans is worth doing, just as a precaution. Or you could make sure the live tracking functions on your cycling app are on. Having rides with someone else or a group during this time might also be worth considering.
  • Making sure you’ve eaten and drunk enough is a matter of safety, as you need to keep your energy levels stable, especially as your body will be working harder to counteract the cold. Perhaps you could carry a snack with you or integrate a planned food stop as part of the route?