Care homes and domiciliary care

Types of care

Care homes

If you, or a relative, are considering moving to a care home you may choose your own care home or you may need help from social services. This may be with financial help from social services or be self funded depending upon personal circumstances. 'Care home' is a broad category covering all homes, which can be broken down into residential and nursing homes.

All care homes should offer attention to the residents throughout the day and night. Medical assistance is provided through your GP or 999 for emergency situations. All homes must be registered with the appropriate local authority and with the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

Residential homes

Generally a residential home should provide the level of personal care that you would expect from a close relative. Staff are not required to be qualified nurses but a percentage of carers in each home should hold a qualification such as NVQ in Health and Social Care, and receive regular training and instruction in a variety of health and safety disciplines.

Nursing homes

A care home with nursing provides all personal care, with the addition of qualified nurses to carry out specific treatments and procedures. People suffering from a long-term condition or illness may require a nursing home to ensure they receive appropriate care. Care homes can be owned and run by local authorities, private operators or the voluntary sector.

Domiciliary care

Unlike residential or care home services, domiciliary care services are provided in an individual's own home. Providers are registered with the local authority and with the CQC.

In Slough we have a website called the CM200 Quality Web portal which rates providers on things that people have told us are important such as care worker punctuality and continuity, length of stay, and missed calls. This portal is available to service users.  For more information please contact us.

Choosing your care

Choosing whether to get care and support in your home or in a care home is an important decision.

You can find information about what to consider when choosing a care provider on our what good care looks like pages.

If you need more information or support, please contact us by calling 01753 475111 (option 1).