Housing options for young people

I think I have to leave home, what should I do?

If you have to leave home because your family have asked you to, or you feel you are in danger please call us on 01753 475111.

Leaving home is a big deal. Do not leave home because of an argument with your family or because you feel you want more independence; we will not be able to help you if you make yourself homeless unless you are in a dangerous situation.

Things are rarely so bad that you have to leave the family home immediately. Maybe, you can all agree some ground rules until alternative accommodation can be found? If you, your parents or carers really feel that things aren’t working at home it is always best to plan a possible move from home. Could you stay with a friend or relative so that you can have a break from each other whilst you either work things out or find somewhere else to live? You can also contact the Young People’s Service on 01753 476589 who may be able to help you to work things out so that you do not have to leave immediately. Timing is everything- get advice and support early on before things reach breaking point, you don’t have to sort things out on your own.

If you are 17 or under and your parents or carers have told you to leave, ask them to come with you to Observatory House and speak to a social worker. If they cannot come to with you, you will need to provide a letter from them stating why they have asked you to leave.