What goes in my bins

What goes in your black bin


Your black bin is for your everyday household waste; any items which cannot be recycled, home composted or put in your green bin.

Any excess waste placed by the side or on top of your wheeled bin WILL NOT be collected.

The standard black bin is 180 litres. If you have a family of 6 or more you can request a larger bin.

Yes, put it in

No, leave it out

  • Anything that can be recycled (put recycling in your red bin or green bin). 
  • Anything that could post a threat to health and safety or cause damage.
  • Asbestos-based materials*.
  • Car parts or car batteries*.
  • Clinical waste, medicines or hypodermic needles.
  • Electrical or electronic items (WEEE)*.
  • Gas cylinders or anything explosive.
  • Hazardous waste (cleaning fluids, oil, paint or chemicals)*.
  • Heavy or large items.
  • Hot ashes.
  • Household batteries*.
  • Stones, rubble, soil or building materials*.

* you can take these items to the Household Waste Recycling Centre.