Landlords and housing benefit

Landlords online service

For landlords with tenants claiming benefit, you will need to register with the self service portal to be able to access the following information about your tenants who are claiming benefit:

  • award notifications
  • details of the award
  • payment information.

You will also be able to download payment information in a digital format.

Request to be paid directly

You can ask for the housing benefit payments to come directly to you on behalf of your tenant if:

  • your tenant receives housing benefit and has rent arrears totalling 8 weeks or more of the rent charged 
  • your tenant has issues with vulnerability or dealing with their own financial affairs.

If the tenant is in rent arrears please provide details of the arrears. Both you as the landlord and the tenant may be asked to provide any additional information in connection to a request made where there are not rent arrears that total 8 weeks or more.