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Street naming and numbering

Guidance on naming streets and buildings

You can select a street or building name from a list of pre-approved names owned by Slough Borough Council.

The council will consider your own choice if it meets the following criteria:

  • Names should have local historical relevance or a connection to Slough
  • The names of living people will not generally be used to avoid the possibility of any future negative publicity. If the living person has made a significant contribution to the local community, the use of their name might be considered. These requests will be subject to Council cabinet approval and will take considerably longer to process
  • The use of the name of a deceased person may be allowed if the family approve (not required if the person died over fifty years ago)
  • The name should not be connected with the developer or any associated commercial interests
  • The name should not promote an active organisation
  • Names of persons with a current political association will not be allowed
  • Names that could give offence will not be used
  • Names that could encourage defacing of nameplates will be avoided
  • Names should not be capable of deliberate misinterpretation or double meaning.
  • Names must not duplicate existing names across the borough
  • Names should not be difficult to pronounce or spell.

Any chosen name is subject to a 14 working day notification period with the relevant ward councillor(s). 

The council considers our equality policy when approving the naming of new streets or buildings.