My library membership

Join Slough libraries and culture

Anyone who lives, works or studies in Slough is welcome to join Slough Libraries free of charge. Even babies can have their own library card! You can sign up at your local library, or you can join online right now!

You can join at any library branch of Slough Libraries. Children aged over 8 years can join without a parent, guardian or carer being present. If you are a child aged under 8 years need someone with you to become a member.

This could be: a parent, adult guardian (grandparent, aunt, uncle, etc.), or carer.

What is different if you join online?

When you join online and fill in your details, you will get

  • a temporary card number

  • personal identification number (PIN)

You can use these straight away to reserve items from the library catalogue. You will then need to collect your library card from one of our libraries. This will allow you to borrow items in a library or use a computer.

Already a member?

Login to the library online catalogue to reserve or renew items, or change your details. You will need your PIN. If you don’t know what it is, contact us and we will make you a new one.

What can I do as a library member?

You can borrow up to 30 items including books and audio books, in addition you can borrow e-Books and e-Audiobooks and e-Magazines!

Borrowing books, e-Books and e-Magazines is free. However, we do make small charges for overdue physical items and for services such as photocopying and printing (more info on services and charges).

You can keep books, audio books, e-Books and e-Audiobooks for 3 weeks. You can keep them longer by renewing items, so long as no-one else has requested them. You can also use a computer at our libraries free of charge.

Got any comments, queries or suggestions about the library? Fill in our online comment form.

Lost your library card?

If you lose your card we will replace it, just speak to a member of staff. Children’s cards are replaced free twice; adults will need to pay for replacements, as will children after the second card. If you forget your PIN there is also a charge.