Summer Reading Challenge

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Summer Reading Challenge 2024 - Marvellous Makers

Launches in Slough 16 July.

Children aged 4 and over can complete the challenge by enjoying six library books over the summer, collecting stickers and rewards along the way. Those that finish will be awarded a medal and certificate to mark their achievement. The challenge:

  • presents reading as a fun and enjoyable activity
  • encourages children to become lifelong book lovers
  • helps prevent the trend for reading skills to dip over the summer holidays
  • enhances and supports the school’s reading initiatives.

The fun rewards motivate the children to progress through the challenge and it is inclusive to children of all abilities as they can choose any library books that appeal to them to count towards the challenge.

You’ll need to be a library member to sign up. It’s quick, easy and free to join.

This year’s exciting theme is Marvellous Makers, celebrating creativity. Children will be encouraged to explore books linked to their favourite creative activities and libraries will provide opportunities for them to express themselves artistically. With exclusive incentives to collect and plenty of brilliant books to enjoy, the Challenge is the perfect summer activity to build young readers’ skills and confidence during the long break from school.

Find out more at the Summer Reading Challenge website.