Ice cream vans

Any ice cream van trading within Slough will require a street trading consent. The consent will allow trading to take place throughout the whole borough, however the van can only remain static in any one location for a maximum of 20 minutes. Find more details on the street trading applications page.

Food & Safety

Go to our Food hygiene and safety section to register a food business.


£600 for six months.
£125 for one month.

Application requirements

  • Completed application form.
  • Declaration of convictions and cautions form.
  • Relevant fee.
  • Basic DBS criminal record check - (please note that basic checks must be applied for through the Disclosure & Baring Service. Disclosure Scotland checks cannot be accepted).
  • Valid passport or appropriate visa.
  • 2 additional forms of identification (please see page 2 of application form).
  • 1 passport size photograph of all applicants and nominated assistants.
  • 1 colour photograph of the vehicle.
  • Valid certificate of motor insurance.
  • Valid MOT certificate.
  • Evidence of Public Liability Insurance (£5m).
  • Copies of any certificate or accreditation for food safety/hygiene issued within the last 3 years.