Pavement licence

Pavement licence consultations

Any applications listed below are subject to the 7 day consultation period and only contain brief details - contact the licensing team if you need more.

How to make a representation

Representations can either support or object to an application. Any interested party who wish to make a representation should contact the licensing team.

Who we also consult with

The council is required by law to consult with the Highways Authority. And to make sure there are no detrimental effects from the application the council will consult with:

  • Thames Valley Police
  • Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service
  • Ward Members
  • Appropriate Parish Councils
  • Slough Borough Council – Planning
  • Slough Borough Council – Highways
  • Slough Borough Council – Transport
  • Slough Borough Council – Trading Standards
  • Slough Borough Council – Parking and Development
  • Slough Borough Council – Food and Safety Team
  • Slough Borough Council – Resilience and Enforcement Team
  • Town Centre Manager
  • Business Improvement District Manager

Members of the public and others listed above can contact the council to make representations.

Contact Licensing

Contact the licensing team