Private hire vehicle licence

Private Hire - Use of A4 bus lanes

Only permitted vehicles are allowed to use the A4 bus lanes.  Private hire vehicles must be authorised by the Highways authority in order to use the A4 bus lane.  To help with this, on application or renewal of your private hire plate you will be able to apply for A4 bus lane use for a nominal fee of £5.00. This is in addition to the published application or renewal fees.

The issued A4 bus lane sticker will allow you to use the bus lanes which run the length of the A4 in the Borough of Slough only. This applies to Slough Borough Council Licenced vehicles only. It also applies to the A4 bus lanes and no others within the Borough or outside the Borough.

The authorisation will only be valid for the duration of your of plate and must be surrendered if your plate or badge is suspended, revoked or you fail to renew.

Additionally, if you get a fine for using the bus lane, you will need to follow the procedures as laid out on the ticket.  The Licensing Authority will work with the Highways authority if your vehicle is correctly authorised.

Hackney Vehicles do not need to apply for a sticker as they are authorised under the Road Traffic Act and displayed on the Bus Lane signs as “Taxi”.

Please note: Your sticker with an "issued 2021" remains valid until you renew your plate and / or recieve a replacement sticker. You do not need to contact Licensing about this.