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Five ways to wellbeing

Take notice

Take time during your day to enjoy the moment. Whether it’s pausing for a tea break or talking to a friend, it’s really important to be aware of the world around you and reflect on what you’re feeling.

Taking a moment for yourself can help you appreciate what’s going on around you. This is very important as sometimes we are so busy working, studying or getting things done, we forget to take some time for ourselves and enjoy the now.

Here are a few ideas for savouring the moment and the environment around you:

  • get a plant for your workspace or home
  • have a de-clutter day
  • take notice of how your friends and family are feeling or acting
  • take a different route on your journey to or from school or work
  • visit a new place for lunch.

You’ll be surprised how the change of scenery and company may help! If you have transport or mobility issues, find out about Slough Community Transport and Shopmobility.