What permission or approval do I need?

Do I need permission?

Some extensions and alterations to houses can be carried out without requiring planning permission; check permitted development for more information.

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Before you start work on property or land that you own, it’s your responsibility to seek out the correct approvals, permissions and consents. Please read each of these sections below to get an understanding of what you need to do.

Community Infrastructure Levy

As at July 2014 the Council have not implemented Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL). The Council are keeping this under review, and any update will be provided on the Developer's Guide page.

  • Household planning permission
    Check here to see if the alterations you intend to carry out to your home require planning permission.
  • Commercial planning permissions.
    Check our planning for business page for information on advertisement consent and the Simplified Planning Zone.
  • Building regulations approval.
    Building regulations apply to most building work, so check here to find out when approval is needed.
  • Demolition notices.
    If you intend to demolish a building that exceeds 50 cubic metres (1750 cubic feet), roughly the size of a single garage, you will require a demolition notice.
  • Listed Building Consent.
    Special consent is required for any work on a listed building.
  • Conservation Area Consent.
    Special consent is required for work on properties in a conservation area.
  • Tree Preservation Orders.
    You must check whether an order has been taken out to protect any tree your work might affect.

To find out more about what permissions you may or may not need see the planning portal's user guide.

Other associated permissions

As well as your proposed development being granted planning permission or being covered by permitted development, and/or complying with building regulations, Listed Building Consent or Conservation Area Consent, you may still require additional permissions for your proposals.

The following permissions should also be checked before you start work.

  • Covenants and private rights.
  • Rights of way.
  • Ancient monuments.
  • Licensed sites.
  • Protected species.
  • The Party Wall.

Advice on the above can be found on the planning portal - other permissions. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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