The new local plan for Slough

Local development scheme (LDS)

The Local Development Scheme (April 2019) sets out the timetable for the production of the Slough Local Plan - it will be updated where necessary.

Key milestones

When drafting a new Local Plan, the council has to follow a set procedure created by national government. Creating a new Local Plan Document includes several stages of work, evidence collection, and consultations. The key milestones are:

Please note the timescale for the later stages have yet to be finalised. Progress on the strategy had to take account of the uncertainty surrounding the proposed third runway at Heathrow Airport; work underway on accommodating housing in the sub-region and council plans for the regeneration of the town centre. These will not affect the ability of the council to continue to deliver housing, employment and other regeneration schemes in the short term.

More information is available below. Progress on the Local Plan is presented to the Planning Committee (Cabinet is the decision making body):

Find out more about the statutory process of creating a new Local Plan in Slough:

Contact the planning policy team

Contact the planning policy team